State Representative Steve Johnson is a true conservative. Here are his stances on the following issues:


The Declaration of Independence declares “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The first right that they mentioned was our right to life. This is our most basic and fundamental right. Unfortunately there is an entire class of citizens that are being denied this right: unborn children. Abortion is a direct violation of this fundamental right and is unconstitutional. As a State Representative I will fight to protect the lives of the unborn by ensuring that no taxpayer money goes to organizations that perform abortions. Also I will support a Life at Conception Bill that declares that all human life begins at conception ensuring the rights of the unborn under the 14th Amendment which states “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”.



Education is an issue of tremendous importance.  In order for our country to remain the strongest and greatest country in the world, it is important that we properly educate the next generation so that they can compete on the global stage.  It is my firm belief that no one cares more about a child’s education than that child’s parents. With that in mind we should strive to put parents in charge of making decisions regarding their child’s education instead of letting government bureaucrats dictate what they believe is best for a child’s education. That is why I am a strong supporter of educational freedom. Parents should be able to decide what school their child goes to, whether that school is a local public school, a public school in another district, private school, charter school, or home school.

The federal government has overstepped its authority with regards to education. There is no constitutional basis for the federal government to be involved in education and as such I will oppose any effort by the federal government, such as common core, to expand the role that they play within the education system.

Every school district has its own distinct characteristics and situations, and any effort from the state to mandate certain curriculum, policies, or procedures might not be what is in the best interest of that school district.  That is why I believe that each school district should be responsible for developing its own curriculum, policies, and procedures.

  • Oppose Common Core
  • Oppose Dangerous Obama/State Board of Ed Transgender Bathroom Policy
  • Support Educational Freedom
  • Support Homeschooling


2nd Amendment:

Our founding fathers understood the importance of the right to bear arms which is why it was enshrined in the Bill of Rights, second only to the First Amendment.  President James Monroe once said, “The right of self defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred, and alike necessary to nations and to individuals”.  Our 2nd Amendment states that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” As a State Representative I will always defend the second amendment and I am proud to be endorsed by the NRA. 


The doctor-patient relationship is an important relationship that should not be interfered with. However, politicians and bureaucrats have inserted themselves into this relationship as government has expanded its role into the healthcare industry through Obamacare. I believe that healthcare is best left to the free market since government involvement tends to stifle innovation and increase costs. 

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was supposed to lower healthcare costs but has shown to do the exact opposite. The United States has been considered the go to place in the world to receive top notch healthcare. This distinction wasn’t achieved because of government involvement but rather our free markets allowed innovation in the healthcare industry like no other country. As a State Representative I will fight to block federal efforts to interfere in the healthcare industry and push to reduce government restrictions to healthcare.



Our roads here in Michigan are certainly in need of repair. However, a lack of government funds to fix these roads is not the problem as some politicians would have you believe.  We must develop a long-term plan to fix our roads and maintain them. One way to do this would be to lower costs of building roads by eliminating prevailing wage requirements. These requirements force taxpayers to overspend for projects that would costs significantly less in the private sector. Another action that can be taken by the State is to require warranties on all road construction to ensure that construction companies will stand behind their work.

There is money to fix the roads, but we must eliminate the wasteful and irresponsible spending that Lansing has engaged in. Money that is designated for transportation is being wasted on sidewalks, bike paths, and mass transit schemes.  When the voters overwhelmingly rejected Proposal 1, they sent a loud and clear message to Lansing that they expected lawmakers to fix this problem without raising taxes. Lansing didn’t listen and instead raised the gas tax and vehicle registration fees. I will fight to repeal both of those measures.

  • Eliminate Prevailing Wage
  • Eliminate Gas Tax
  • Pass Long-Term Funding Solution for Roads
  • Ensure Money Designated for Roads Goes to Roads



Benjamin Franklin famously said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Unfortunately, taxes are a necessary evil, but we should strive to keep taxes as low as possible in order to reduce the burden upon Michiganders.  I believe in a free society and that the more we pay in taxes, the less economic freedom we have. So in order to ensure our liberty, I will push to lower our taxes. This means that we must be willing to make cuts to the state budget.

In addition to having low taxes, I believe that it is important to have a simple tax system that is easy for everyone to follow. Michiganders should not have to hire an accountant to file their personal or business tax returns. Our tax system should also be fair, ensuring that businesses with well-connected lobbyists still pay the same rate that everyone else does.

  • Lower Taxes
  • Fair Tax
  • No Special Favors